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More Testimonials

I had my first session last night with a Channeling Erik medium, Celestine Grace. It was INCREDIBLE. It so far surpassed all my hopes and dreams, I can't even put it into words, but I will try! The very short version of my story, if you want to skip to the end, is that I highly, HIGHLY recommend her. If you've been wanting to chat with Erik or just a deeply compassionate spiritual coach/translator, get in touch with her! Her prices are quite reasonable and she has good availability.

For those who would like a slightly deeper review, I'll tell you a bit about my session. I've been going to an absolutely wonderful therapist whom I utterly adore for about four years. She has helped me in huge, meaningful ways, but there's been one persistent issue that we can't seem to nail down. Since it involves other people, I won't go into specifics of it, but it's something that makes me feel very insecure even though I rationally know that I have nothing to feel insecure about. I thought that perhaps it was time to try a different approach to this problem and ask Erik about it. In my session with Celestine, he effortlessly told me what the root cause of this insecurity is, a lack of self-love. Bam! Just like that, after years of therapy, I knew the answer to the question I'd been seeking for so long!

We also discussed my ongoing health issues and Erik gave me very specific suggestions of supplements to take (including dosages) and some diet changes to make. He even told me that I should start seeing a big change within six months after I implement these changes, which is extremely encouraging! My health has changed my life completely over the last eight years and left my doctors all scratching their heads, mystified at my symptoms. But Erik was able to diagnose me and also recommend ways to improve myself almost immediately.

We also talked about my career and if I'll reach the level of success I want to have with that; that was a very enlightening and encouraging conversation as well! (The answer was yes, it may take a few years to really get going, but it will become what I want it to be.) Erik even had lovely and encouraging words to say about my art.  :)

I still love my therapist and I want to continue seeing her as she does help me a lot, but I'm considering perhaps cutting back on sessions with her and doing more sessions with Celestine with that money. I just can't articulate how spot-on she was about everything, how loving and compassionate both she and Erik were and how much they helped me in that one short hour. And so specific in what they "prescribed!" I've at least heard of other guides suggesting supplements, but never precise dosages! And I instantly felt so comfortable and loved by both of them; it was like we'd all been friends for years and years.

I know it can feel scary trying to find a medium or Erik translator, and you want to feel sure that if you're spending money, it'll be worthwhile... I can absolutely, 100% assure you that I feel Celestine was worth every single penny and then some! Erik was also very much, well, Erik! Lol. He was clearly present during the session and I've felt him very close to me all day long. I feel like I'm able to hear him better now on my own too... I'm sure that will be a process as I learn to listen with my inner ears, but I think the session helped clear up things of my end as well as all the other wonderful benefits it had!

Mysterious emotional issue that's been going on for years? Fixed! Mysterious physical issue that's been going on for years? No problem! Add in a lot of laughter, incredible compassion, humor and a huge, huge heap of love and that's what you'll get with a session with Celestine and Erik. I cannot recommend them highly enough!! So much love and gratitude to you both!!

Sarah Allegra Ashley

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