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Robin Gibb and Erik Medhus watch the Shiny Show interview of Robin Gibb with Alison Ailfinn Allan an

July 23, 2016 - It's finally Saturday and I can do what I don't have time for during the week. I treasure this time and tend to use it to commune with spirit and watch my friends channelings that were posted during the week. My favorite every week are the Shiny Show with my good friends Alison Ailfinn Allan and Kari Silver Lining Mena. They're always positive, full of uplifting laughter and great information from Spirit. Alison is a clear channel who is able to put her filter aside to allow spirit the freedom to give the message that is needed. Sweet Kari is healing dynamo concealed into this cute little package of love. Her questions are deep and enlightening.

As I sat down and opened up the link, I noticed that Erik was to my left, he's giving the image of squeezing in, as there, not much room between me and the side of the couch, LOL.. To my right, sitting on the top of the couch, Robin Gibb.. Before he arrived, I had the image of Maurice in my head - Robin laughed and said eh... Twins.. I then had the pleasure of Maurice and Andy, who were sitting to Robin's right. They were not saying much, I just got the feeling they hang out all the time, in the afterlife as they did here..... We Just Needed some DANG POPCORN... and so the interview began....And we all watched the interview together

Alison and Kari are discussing Genius... Robin gets off the top of the couch and starts bouncing around the living room talking about the different kinds and forms of genius. He's so passionate about this, he's pacing and speaking very fast. He's talking about part of his job/passion/souls work is to inspire kids to recognize their genius.

There was so much joy that filled the room as Alison and Kari discussed the Sesame Street show, he said that this was his favorite part of the interview with Alison and Kari. He experienced pure joy working on every aspect of this show.

Alison and Kari spoke of "A Requiem" I immediately saw Robin Salute I felt it was a respectful tribute. Alison then said... It was a Shiny Badge, he was confirming this for her !!

When Kari asked the cause of death question, I immediately heard, genetic - but also, part environmental as they traveled often and ate rich food and garbage, there was a time when alcohol was a part of my everyday life and that also had contributory factors - it was cumulative. AHAHAHAHAHAHA oh my Alison, I guess we're both getting confirmation here!!

Regarding being a twin - he really chuckled and thought the hair comment was pretty funny, we all laughed. What Robin was telling me is that YES, each is a part of the same higher Self/source given the reality that we are ALL a part of the same higher self.. Part of the WHOLE, but 2 different experiences and 2 different perspectives of somewhat parallel existence/experience in this incarnation. WOW - More confirmation I believe

Robin was quiet the rest of the interview, (as was Erik, Maurice and Andy - they were just observing, Erik was playing with my hair as he does sometimes to get my attention)..

While Ali and Kari were speaking on ReBirth and that lovely suit - Robin was confirming what they were saying...He confirmed that his life purpose was to discover and acknowledge genius in all forms, LOL - he's confirmed this as well.. to create a phenominah (can't spell this word, sorry :)) that brought joy to the world. While he was also telling me this I felt my heart Chakra warm up and the most beautiful feeling of No Ego and peace filled my energy field.

Alison said that Robin invited anyone of us who wanted to talk to him, to call on him..... FLOORED!!! MIND = BLOWN - Here is a link to the warm, loving and informative interview with Robin Gibb

Love and Peace to you all! Celestine Grace

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