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  • Celestine Grace

Life is about Choices.

As I reflect on the messages being delivered recently, the theme has been Choices!

We have "control" over our lives through the choices we make every single day, every single moment.. The absolute greatest gift that Source Energy/God/Buddha (whatever you hold to be true of your idea of higher energy) gives us is FREE WILL - the ability, the RIGHT to decide how we feel and react about everything in our lives!! FREE WILL to CHOOSE how we feel and react to any given situation.

Everything and I do mean EVERYTHING you experience resides in your mind. Do you CHOOSE to react with love and kindness or hurt and resentment? Do you CHOOSE to be mad or do you CHOOSE to see the lesson that is being given. Do you CHOOSE to put yourself under so much stress it makes you sick? Do you CHOOSE to love yourself and see the situation for what it is.. an illusion you've given yourself? Do you CHOOSE chocolate or vanilla?

Everyday, every moment, we're making choices. You can change your perspective on anything by changing the way you view the situation. Life here in this dense human energy can really drag your energy to a very low point; We fall into a pattern of thinking one way with and it becomes a HABIT. The mindset of thinking negatively about job/life/family/relationships can carry over into all aspects of life.. NO FREAKING FUN!!

When you can identify and recognize that negative thoughts arising, divert that emotion/thought/feeling by simply pulling from your "good" memories. It takes practice! I practice in traffic :) - When there are butt holes out driving and cutting me off, going too slow in the left lane, etc., I remember the joy of first getting my drivers license the the feeling of UTTER FREEDOM that license gave me, I sure didn't care if someone cut me off or went way too slow.. I was just happy to be FREE!! If I feel like I'm alone (rarely happens for me, spirit is always around) I remember how very blessed I've been to have the best family, kids, friends and animal companions. So.. You get the idea.

Do you CHOOSE to be happy? Do you choose to see the lesson in the situation? Do you choose to be angry for some wrong done to you? Do you choose to be hateful or loving?

Freewill to CHOOSE gives us the opportunity to write our own emotional story...

I CHOOSE LOVE! What about you?

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