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  • Celestine Grace

Communicating with your Guides


Guides communicate in many ways. I pay attention to the signs they are giving me. It's an exercise to get to know them and how they communicate. Once you start to recognize how they are sending you signs, songs - repetitive numbers dreams, the first thought that pops into your head when you ask a question... There are SO many ways and they ALL communicate differently - it is up to you to recognize and learn how they communicate. The more you Acknowledge them, the more you'll get - This holds true for ALL spirit communication. Acknowledge and Thank - The more you communicate, the more FLUID the messages and communications are, you get to know each other  . It's ALL about YOU getting to know the Guides and Angels who have lovingly been assigned to you for your TIME here on Earth. They will NEVER EVER leave you!! However, they will not make your decisions, but will guide you while making and working through the results of your decisions. Happy Happy day Everyone.. sending much love. <3

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