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Celeste is beyond amazing she is not only gifted with all her gifts she has personally helped me with so much healing.I have had so many readings by different people and yes they are all gifted but Celeste rocks, she has been different in my journey.

~ Chandra Dawson

Celestine, I want to thank you so much for the reading you gave me yesterday and all the time you spent with me. This was very kind of you. Indeed it was another powerful experience for me. It appears that all my life I have been living with puzzles surrounding me. I'm start to see how these pieces are start to fall into place. Yes I still face fears and anxiety about my life but I'm now looking directly into to the root cause. Many times my thoughts have been clouded by my insecurities. As of yesterday I feel that I can look deeper and see the solutions to all of them. Once again I want to thank you so much! I would love to do another reading in the near future                    

 ~ Al Incorvaia

"Celestine is absolutely a blessing to this world, she is completely on the money and me and my whole family are shocked! she is not only wonderfully caring she has really put my mind at ease - and there were things that simply she could have NOT known!! She is the absolute real deal! and the fact she works with the Challenging Erik Team proves this even more. After years of worrying i can finally relax i am so blessed i was given this ready, and anyone out there needing to contact a relative or loved one please go through Celestine

~ Jas P

I lost my husband unexpectedly last year.  After 27 amazing years together, I found myself completely lost, and I’m still struggling to come to terms with it. I’ve had many readings in the last eighteen months (some with well-known, high-priced mediums with long waiting lists), but my session with Celestine was the best yet!  Her down-to-earth, frank (but very loving) approach was so refreshing and reassuring.  I truly felt my husband’s presence through her (it was his personality, no doubt about it!), and she gave me so much validating information that I was awestruck.  As an added bonus, Erik popped in and lectured me in a very stern, but sweet manner about my doubts concerning the communications that I’ve received from my husband.  The whole session was just so beautifully raw, emotional, and unscripted (I’ve noticed that some mediums tend to relay cookie-cutter messages that could apply to just about anyone), and I can’t wait to book another reading with Celestine.  She’s a beautiful soul with a truly unique gift, and I’d highly recommend her to anyone who is in need of spiritual guidance. 

~ Gina

Having a reading by Celeste will blow you away. She was able to connect to my grandfather and describe him to me not only in looks but also in personality. She was even able to get his name right, which is amazing because the name is a Spanish name and she doesn't know Spanish. She was able to talk to my guides and even describe one of them who was a Mongolian warrior. She gave me details as to what he was wearing and even that he was holding a blade. She's is also able to get information regarding issues that might be affecting your health as well.  She can also tell you what's wrong with you medically and what steps your guides are saying you should take to heal yourself. Words cannot describe how amazing she is. I promise you won't be disappointed!  

~ Elisa Herrera Wright

Celeste is fabtabulous! She blows me away with her readings. She has connected to Divine Source, Jesus, Buddha, my Angels and guides, my family and of course Erik! I just love her and highly recommend her as well!" She is always connected to the spiritual realm. Her loving energy and the way she delivers the messages are very comforting. She is very patient and you can ask questions without feeling rushed. Celestine is gifted and she shares this with us. Erik is always with Celeste so between both of these beautiful beings you will find a most welcome experience. I highly recommend her!!!                   

~ Pamela Wald

...Celeste is amazeballs and totally f****** blew my mind! Love her.. I felt so connected to her and others. Short version.. I gained back some confidence.. got validation.. :) Im so blessed to know her.. we are all blessed. 

~ Monique Bechard

I had my first session last night with a Channeling Erik medium, Celestine Grace. It was INCREDIBLE. It so far surpassed all my hopes and dreams, I can't even put it into words, but I will try! The very short version of my story, if you want to skip to the end, is that I highly, HIGHLY recommend her. If you've been wanting to chat with Erik or just a deeply compassionate spiritual coach/translator, get in touch with her! Her prices are quite reasonable and she has good availability.

For those who would like a slightly deeper review, I'll tell you a bit about my session. I've been going to an absolutely wonderful therapist whom I utterly adore for about four years. She has helped me in huge, meaningful ways, but there's been one persistent issue that we can't seem to nail down. Since it involves other people, I won't go into specifics of it, but it's something that makes me feel very insecure even though I rationally know that I have nothing to feel insecure about. I thought that perhaps it was time to try a different approach to this problem and ask Erik about it. In my session with Celestine, he effortlessly told me what the root cause of this insecurity is, a lack of self-love. Bam! Just like that, after years of therapy, I knew the answer to the question I'd been seeking for so long!

We also discussed my ongoing health issues and Erik gave me very specific suggestions of supplements to take (including dosages) and some diet changes to make. He even told me that I should start seeing a big change within six months after I implement these changes, which is extremely encouraging! My health has changed my life completely over the last eight years and left my doctors all scratching their heads, mystified at my symptoms. But Erik was able to diagnose me and also recommend ways to improve myself almost immediately.

We also talked about my career and if I'll reach the level of success I want to have with that; that was a very enlightening and encouraging conversation as well! (The answer was yes, it may take a few years to really get going, but it will become what I want it to be.) Erik even had lovely and encouraging words to say about my art. :)

I still love my therapist and I want to continue seeing her as she does help me a lot, but I'm considering perhaps cutting back on sessions with her and doing more sessions with Celestine with that money. I just can't articulate how spot-on she was about everything, how loving and compassionate both she and Erik were and how much they helped me in that one short hour. And so specific in what they "prescribed!" I've at least heard of other guides suggesting supplements, but never precise dosages! And I instantly felt so comfortable and loved by both of them; it was like we'd all been friends for years and years.

I know it can feel scary trying to find a medium or Erik translator, and you want to feel sure that if you're spending money, it'll be worthwhile... I can absolutely, 100% assure you that I feel Celestine was worth every single penny and then some! Erik was also very much, well, Erik! Lol. He was clearly present during the session and I've felt him very close to me all day long. I feel like I'm able to hear him better now on my own too... I'm sure that will be a process as I learn to listen with my inner ears, but I think the session helped clear up things of my end as well as all the other wonderful benefits it had!

Mysterious emotional issue that's been going on for years? Fixed! Mysterious physical issue that's been going on for years? No problem! Add in a lot of laughter, incredible compassion, humor and a huge, huge heap of love and that's what you'll get with a session with Celestine and Erik. I cannot recommend them highly enough!! So much love and gratitude to you both!! <3 <3 

~ Sarah

I've recently turned from being an atheist into someone spiritual thanks to science and mathematics proving to me it's 'theoretical' plausibility, and thanks to spirituality for predicting certain random major personal events ahead of time that one couldn't really foresee because they weren't routine-based, which provided the proofs I need of the theory no longer being a theory for me. And so two years later after meditating and growing spiritually, I had wanted to compare the messages I received for certain pressing questions with a medium, because I thought it would be insanely fun and hopefully further validate the viability of spirituality for me, even though I already completely believe in it, I find the validation itself to be a great source of joy and childish excitement. So I chose Celestine as my first ever medium whom of which I found via the Channeling Erik community, had an email session with her first (because I never talked to an online stranger face-to-face, so I was uncomfortable, and I wanted to see if she was "the real deal"), was mind blown by the similarity of what she received to my questions vs what I received, and she even brought up more personal matters that I had no intention of inquiring about during the session, which pertained to family. The appointment was meant to be more spiritual accuracy checkup, and to make sure I'm not too biased with my personal questions, but it quickly turned personal, and I was mind-blown at how Celestine brought up certain issues within my family, when I didn't even type a single question or sentence inquiring about them or even slightly hinting a single detail pertaining to them. That lead to me deciding to pull the trigger shortly after and purchasing another appointment, but via Skype instead. So far I've had 3 total appointments with Celestine up until this review, and I certainly will have more in the future, because she's proven her viability to me, and she carries a great personality which makes the sessions extremely enjoyable, which is why I recommend purchasing the Skype session - apart from the reason that it allows you to expand on your questions further and go as in-depth into any topic as you wish. She's certainly an affordable medium, but I find that she's as talented and as credible as the more expensive ones I've seen in action. 

~ Mary

I had a session with Celestine last night, and I cried during our session a couple of times. It was very healing. I love channeling Erik and everything, but sometimes it's nice to just sit back, relax, and let someone else do the work. I got to rant to Erik about some stuff, and he made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and helped me to heal. Celestine was amazing, and confirmed a lot of what I've been channeling. I got to have a normal conversation with Erik, and my childhood friend Zach dropped by~ Erik told me that I will be writing a book about him in the future. It'll be about my spiritual journey with him, and I was shocked that Celeste said that because that has been on my mind lately. Now I know Erik was planting that in my head hahahaha! I found out that one of my spirit guides is my great great grandfather who was a witch doctor and spiritual teacher during his lifetime. He is also my father's role model, and I'm so fucking happy that one of my ancestors is there with me. He said that I'm following in his footsteps, and it felt like such an honor to have him there during the reading. Celeste is so talented, and I definitely will want another reading from her in the future.

Thank you so so so much for such an inspiring and healing session! I highly suggest her to everyone here.

~ Heather Marie Quinto

I am writing this to let whoever is reading this that Celestine is the real deal, I have no more fear of changing and becoming more of who I'm born to be.  Celestine explained to me why I had certain blocks and were I can improve my relationships. She brought my loving funny father to me, he brought me comfort and joy I actually felt dad hugging me. I will certainly keep inn touch with this beautiful soul. May the blessing be.


My session with Celestine was amazing. First, she explained how she receives messages and then she went into the reading. She didn't have to ask who I wanted to connect with. The person was already there and she was very spot on on who came through for me. Erik from also came through and had great messages for me! I could have chosen anyone, but I chose her because of her great energy presence on youtube videos. Celestine is really good. I 'm a fan and will be using her again.

~ H.H.

"My session with Celestine was chock-full of surprises. It was a fun party of my guides, my loved ones (including my maternal grandparents who passed on when I was a child, came by with surprising messages) and of course, Erik himself. It brought out the funny side of everyone and most importantly, really informative and healing!"


~Nad, Washington

I just had the most amazing session with Celestine! I was not sure what to expect, so I came to the reading equipped with a couple pages of questions. I ended up hardly referring back to my questions because she covered nearly everything without me asking.

Celestine is a delightful and very good at what she does. She had me laughing, crying, and left awestruck. She is one of those charismatic people that you just want to have around for entertainment as well.

Celestine introduced me to my spirit team and high self. Erik was there as well and contributed great insight. I, as I am sure many others have found healing through Celestine. She provided great comfort and understanding. She clarified the placement of different people and organizations that I have in my life. The reading was packed full of "ah hah" moments.

Many thanks to Celestine, for her valuable insights and sharing her talents. She is a gifted woman that does not only have her stated abilities, but is very good with people.

~ Misty

Celestine, with an assist from a friendly, outgoing spirit guide named Erik, is endowed with numerous skills which enables her to structure your progress moving forward. She answers the questions that you've always wondered about. Celestine is the real deal! She and Erik recently connected us with several friends and loved ones from the other side. We had a very enjoyable visit with them. Thank you Celestine and Erik! We can't wait for our next session.

~ Kristin & Rich Pulin


Celestine helped me understand the connection I have with my son's fiancee with an enlightening past life view that was very detailed with names and specifics. I now understand how she and my son are connected as well and that my son is an ambassador when he travels and works to link humans to other galactic beings as well as galactic to galactic. The best part for me, though, was some great healing that took place with my dad who gave me some beautiful messages that I needed to hear all my life. The best thing about working with Celeste is that she is all about LOVE and you can feel that come through in her readings in spades!!

~ Kathy Dench

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